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Custom Multi-size Folded Handicap Wheelchair Ramp

Advantages of Custom Multi-size Folded Handicap Wheelchair Ramp:
1.All aluminum construction, lightweight and will not trust.
2.Designed for wheelchairs,scooters or for any of your loading needs.
3.Featurs a durable,non-skid driving surface.
4. Include a carring handle so they can be carried like a suitcase.
5.Rated loading 600Lb.
6.Colors available for customization.

Tailored Design

Sample Available

Consistent Quality/Quality Control

Timely Delivery

1-Year Warranty

Product Details

Material Capacity(LB) Ramp Size(in) Ramp Size(mm) NW/kg GW/kg Package Size(cm)
Aluminum 600 40.7″x28.3″x3.1″ 1035x720x80 7.5 8.4 104.5x37x11
Aluminum 600 52.2″x28.3″x3.1″ 1325x720x80 9.6 10.6 133.5x37x11
Aluminum 600 63.6″x28.3″x3.1″ 1615x720x80 11.7 12.7 162.5x37x11
Aluminum 600 75″x28.3″x3.1″ 1905x720x80 13.8 15 191.5x37x11
Aluminum 600 86.5″x28.3″x3.1″ 2195x720x80 16 17.5 220.5x37x11


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