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Aluminum Loading Ramps Buying Guide

Aluminum Arched ATV Motorcycle Loading Ramp are easy to transport & carry. These fixed loading ramps have a distributed load capacity of 1,250lb per pair and 625lb per ramp if used individually. Easily and safely load/unload ATVs, push mowers, dirt bikes & more. The large tread design with traction cut outs means your equipment will stay safely on the aluminum ramp while loading and unloading.

Aluminum Arched Motorcycle Loading Ramp-Foldable, Panel can support to 1500lbs capacity (Each piece 750lbs);it perfects for heavy scooters, electric wheelchairs and motorcycle, ATV, 4-wheeler, or lawn mower onto a truck bed.
Foldable & Lightweight: These ramps are designed with foldable &lightweight for easy transportation, move and operate,the rubber tipped fingers provide extra security to your vehicle while also preventing damage to the tailgat.

Aluminum Arched Motorcycle Loading Ramp-Foldable, Plum can support to 1500lbs capacity (Each piece 750lbs); it perfects for heavy scooters, electric wheelchairs and motorcycle, ATV, 4-wheeler, or lawn mower onto a truck bed.
Ramp ladder type design is convenient for vehicles that need to be transported to drive easily on the ramp while convenient for people to walk on it, ladder type crossbar skillfully undertake vehicle tires, prevent sliding to improve safety.

[Anti-slip *] The anti-slip design of the Aluminum Arched Motorcycle Loading Ramp
surface creates strong traction and friction on the ramp surface. The back of the roof is equipped with EVA anti-slip pad, which can not only prevent the car from being scratched, but also form a certain friction force on the car to prevent slipping. Our heavy-duty ramps include load-bearing straps that can be fixed to the tailgate to ensure integrity during transportation.

Aluminum ladder ramp for motorcycle can support to 1800lbs capacity (Each piece 900lbs);it perfects for heavy scooters ,electric wheelchairs and motorcycle,ATV, 4-wheeler, or lawn mower onto a truck bed.
Efficient folding motorcycle ramp, specially designed rubber handle on the side, easy to carry, labor saving and convenient. It is also equipped with color customization service, free to choose your favorite color and create your own proprietary logo.

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How to load ATV with aluminum loading ramp

Using aluminum ATV ramps is relatively straightforward and can help you safely load and unload your ATV onto trailers, trucks, or elevated surfaces. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use aluminum ATV ramps:


Ensure that you have a stable and level surface to set up the ramps and load/unload your ATV. This can be a trailer, truck bed, or any other elevated platform.

Before using the ramps, inspect them for any signs of damage or wear. Make sure they are clean and free from debris that might cause slipping.

Place the ramps at the loading end of the trailer or truck. Ensure that the ramps are aligned properly and are parallel to each other. Most aluminum ATV ramps have hooks or tabs that can secure them to the trailer or truck to prevent slipping.

If your ramps have attachment mechanisms like safety straps or hooks, make sure to use them to secure the ramps to the trailer or truck. This prevents the ramps from shifting while loading your ATV.

Ensure that your ATV is in neutral gear and the engine is turned off. This will prevent accidental movement while you’re loading or unloading the ATV.

Slowly and carefully drive or push the ATV up the ramps. Make sure to keep a steady and controlled pace to avoid sudden movements that could lead to accidents. It’s a good idea to have a spotter to help guide you if needed.

Once the ATV is on the trailer, ensure that it is positioned correctly and securely. Apply the parking brake if your ATV has one. Use tie-down straps or other securing mechanisms to prevent the ATV from moving during transportation.

To unload the ATV, ensure that the trailer is properly positioned and stable. Release any securing mechanisms holding the ATV in place. Slowly drive or roll the ATV down the ramps using controlled movements. Again, having a spotter can be helpful during this process.

After unloading the ATV, carefully remove the ramps from the trailer or truck. Store them in a safe and dry place to prevent damage and extend their lifespan.

Always wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves and goggles, to protect yourself during the loading and unloading process. Take your time and proceed slowly. Rushing can lead to accidents. Use proper securing mechanisms to prevent the ramps from moving or slipping during loading and unloading.

Make sure the ramps are rated for the weight of your ATV and follow any weight restrictions provided by the manufacturer.
If you’re unsure about the process, consider seeking assistance from someone experienced in using ATV ramps.
Remember that safety is paramount when using ATV ramps. By following these steps and taking the necessary precautions, you can safely load and unload your ATV for transport or storage. 

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