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20 Inches White Pointer Plate Square Toolbox

  1. Box width: 20″
  2. Plate thickness mm: 1.3
  3. Net weight: 6
  4. Gross weight: 7
  5. Expansion size: 79*36*26
  6. Standard configuration of 2 handles, a lock, can be added with 2 chains or 1 gas rod

Tailored Design

Sample Available

Consistent Quality/Quality Control

Timely Delivery

1-Year Warranty

Product Details


1. Good quality: this Aluminium Toolbox is corrosion resistant and weather resistant which prevents any undesired leakage.

2. Lightweight box: this reduces the overall weight gain on tractors, trailers, or trucks.

3. Seal ring design: this design protects the interior of the toolbox and prevents the entry of rainwater or any other external factors.

4. Perfect storage solution: this toolbox provides storage space for your truck/trailer/garage/domestic use.

20 Inches White Pointer Plate Square Toolbox 1 20 Inches White Pointer Plate Square Toolbox 2

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