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What Is Truck Hitch Motorcycle Rack?

A hitch-mounted motorcycle truck rack is a device designed to transport motorcycles using a vehicle’s hitch receiver. It is attached to the hitch receiver of a truck, SUV, or other vehicles equipped with a hitch, allowing you to carry a motorcycle securely without needing a trailer.

Types Of Motorcycle Hitch Rack For Truck

1. Custom Aluminum Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Truck Rack >>

Car Aluminum motorcycle hitch carrier rack-plus


● Hitch-mounted carrier holds 1 motorcycle not exceeding 450lbs (Perfect for motocross and dirt bikes)

● Made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminium, this fantastic lightweight, easy to load and unload ramp secures to carrier during travel

● 6-position adjustable built-in wheel stop tightens around the front wheel to secure to the carrier

● Constructed of lightweight, durable and rust-proof aluminum

● BONUS: Anti-tilt bracket and stop bracket

● The built-in anti-tilt bracket holds receiver and shanks together to reduce movement and noise

● Easy assembly and easy transport.

2. Custom Aluminum Truck Hitch Motorcycle Rack >>

Custom Rear Mounted Aluminum Motorcycle hitch carrier rack


● Hitch-mounted carrier holds 1 motorcycle not exceeding 450lbs (Perfect for motocross and dirt bikes)

● Made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminium, fantastic lightweight easy to load and unload ramp secures to carrier during travel.

3. Custom Steel Motorcycle Rack For Truck >>

Hitch Mounted Steel Motorcycle Carrier For Cars, trucks, SUV


● Never slip

● Adjustable pin lock to fit any 2-inch square Class III or Class IV trailer hook

● Adjustable padded anti-tilt bracket to prevent swing

● Adjustable wheel stop position to prevent sliding

● Additional 4 tie down rods for better stability

● Can withstand weights of up to 500 pounds (up to 227 kg) and in

● Loading ramps are provided on the hooks:

● Reflective strip to ensure safe driving and easy loading on both sides

● This bracket is equipped with a loading ramp when not in use

● Can be stored in a carrier • Suitable for SUVs with spare tire accessories

4. Custom Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Racks For Trucks >>

Rear Connect Hitch Mount Motorcycle Carrier rack


● Made of double phase heavy steel, coated with anti-corrosion smooth


● Key position reinforcement, ultra-stable, durable

● Helps stabilize the cargo carrier so you can drive easily

How To Choose Hitch Motorcycle Rack For Trucks?

Choosing the right hitch-mounted motorcycle truck rack involves considering several important factors to ensure it meets your needs and provides safe, reliable transport for your motorcycle. Here’s a guide to help you make the best choice:

1. Weight Capacity

Motorcycle Weight: Ensure the rack can handle the weight of your motorcycle. Check the weight capacity of both the rack and your vehicle’s hitch receiver.

EZLEE can customize motorcycle truck rack with the weight capacity up to 227 kgs.

2. Compatibility

Hitch Size: Confirm the rack fits your vehicle’s hitch receiver size, usually 1.25″ or 2″.

Motorcycle Type: Ensure the rack is compatible with your type of motorcycle (dirt bike, street bike, etc.).

motorcycle hitch rack for truck

3. Construction and Durability

Materials: Look for racks made from high-quality materials like steel or aluminum for strength and durability.
EZLEE produces motorcycle rack with high-quality steel or aluminum.

Weather Resistance: Choose a rack with a rust-resistant or weatherproof finish for longevity.

4. Ease of Use

Installation: Select a rack that is easy to install and remove, preferably without requiring specialized tools.

5. Security Features

Tie-Down Points: Ensure the rack has multiple secure tie-down points to keep your motorcycle stable.

Locking Mechanisms: Look for racks with built-in locking systems to prevent theft.

6. Portability and Storage

Foldable Design: Some racks can be folded when not in use, making them easier to store.

Weight: Consider the weight of the rack itself if you need to install and remove it frequently.

EZLEE’s aluminum hitch mounted motorcycle carrier racks are lightweight, offering

numerous benefits for motorcycle transport, such as effortless installation and removal, enhanced fuel efficiency and convenient portability and storage.

7. Price and Warranty

Budget: Compare prices to find a rack that fits your budget while still meeting your quality and feature requirements.

Warranty: Check if the rack comes with a warranty for added peace of mind.

EZLEE, as a trusted motorcycle rack factory, can offer highly competitive pricing for customers who purchase in bulk, along with a one-year warranty.

To sum up, by considering these factors, you can select a hitch-mounted motorcycle truck rack that is safe, durable, and convenient for transporting your motorcycle. Take the time to compare different models and choose one that best suits your specific needs and preferences.

Contact EZLEE if you intend to customize or purchase motorcycle truck racks in bulk.

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