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What Can You Put On A Car Roof?

One of the most underutilized spaces on a car is its roof. But if you add the right car roof accessories like a car roof bar, car roof luggage, and car roof cargo, the roof can carry all sorts of things and be very useful. For example, when you’re going on short trips, the roof can carry luggage, bicycles, kayaks, surfboards, and other items that might not fit in the trunk. In this article, EZLEE, a professional car roof racks and carriers manufacturer, will show you some car roof accessories that can make the most of your car roof.

Car Roof Bar

What are car roof bars?

Car roof bars, also known as car roof crossbars or racks, consist of two parallel bars that are attached to the roof of the car, providing a stable base for securing various types of cargo.

There are some types of car roof bars to fit different car roof designs. EZLEE can customize car roof crossbars for any car roof.

For example, EZLEE has produced several types of vehicle car roof crossbars compatible with this type of roof. Each one has its own advantages. (See the images of the four products below for details)

Thule Car Roof Bar

Source: Thule

Old Universal Slip Cross Bar

This crossbar belongs to the general crossbar, the material is aluminum and plastic; Technical parameters :80-110; Bearing KGS: 75/ pair; Bearing 166 pounds, divided into two different sizes for different size models 1.25 m size :127*16*10CM weight 3.8KG and 1.35 m size : 138*16*10CM weight 4KG.

Split Tie Type Cross Bar

It is made of aluminum material; Technical parameters :120-130; Bearing KGS: 75/ pair; Bearing LBS: 166

Universal Integrated Clip Type Cross Bar

It is made of aluminum and ABS material; Technical parameters :102-125; Bearing KGS: 100/ pair; Bearing LBS: 150

New Universal Split Cross Bar

It is made of aluminum material; Technical parameters :120-130; Bearing KGS: 75/ pair; Bearing LBS: 166

Car roof bars are invaluable accessories for drivers who need extra cargo space and versatility in transporting various items. However, car roof bars work better when paired with other accessories. Next, EZLEE will guide you through several commonly used car roof accessories.

Car Roof Bike Rack

When you use car roof bars along with a car roof bike rack, it’s like giving your bike or mountain bike a sturdy perch on top of your vehicle. Take, for example, this Roof Bike Rack.

It is made of high-quality aluminum. The design of the rack’s two ends effectively grips the tires, while the adjustable Upright arm in the middle provides maximum support for the bicycle, and the C-Grip secures the bike frame for enhanced stability. Also, this car roof bike rack comes with a quick-release wheel strap, allowing for the swift and convenient securing and releasing of the wheel. With these four points of secure fastening, you can transport your bike safely and securely.

This bike rack can fold up for easy storage when not in use, saving space.

It also features a dual theft-proof design, with one aspect locking the rack onto the crossbar and the other securing the bike to the rack. And the black and gray look is cool, but the color can be customized to match different car outlooks.

EZLEE has many types of roof bike racks for you to choose from, click here to find your ideal one. If you don’t find it, contact us to make it.

Car Roof Cargo Luggage Carrier

Installing a car roof cargo luggage carrier on the car roof bars can expand the vehicle’s capacity for transporting luggage and equipment.

This Car Roof Cargo Luggage Carrier is installed onto the car roof crossbars using 4 U-shaped bolts, making installation convenient. The metal mesh bottom and side barrier secure your equipment in place and provide ample tie-down points.

Compatible with most standard cars and SUVs, it is made of high-quality steel, ensuring durability and sturdiness, capable of supporting up to 14 kilograms. The black powder coating enhances corrosion resistance.

Additionally, the steel slanted wind deflector reduces wind resistance and noise.

4X4 Off Road Luggage Rack

The Off Road has a larger area as it seems to be able to stably carry more items on your car, in terms of product it also has the following features:

  1. Extruded aluminum beams feature rigid internal bracing. The cross beam design provides a loading platform for a more versatile range of cargo, particularly long, thin items such as timber.
  2. Finished in Integrit(TM) textured black powder-coat. This finish creates a durable, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant surface allowing you to easily clean off debris while the black color adds a sleek modern look to your vehicle.
  3. Fully-welded from extruded aluminum with a cross beam design, the BASE Rack has no need for a supporting subframe and exerts no flex under load

Rooftop Cargo Box

Yakima Rooftop Cargo Box

Source: Yakima

This matte black aerodynamic roof box is made of high-quality plastic, utilizing fittings designed specifically for our demanding operating conditions.

The luggage box features dual-side opening, with a capacity of 800 liters, providing ample space for storing numerous small items.

Car Roof Aluminum Kayak Stand

This car roof kayak rack is designed to be compatible with almost all car roof crossbars and load bars available on the market, boasting high adaptability.

Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum tubing, this vehicle roof kayak rack offers superior strength and resistance to deformation. The metal surface of the rack undergoes an aluminum oxidation process to effectively prevent oxidation and rust, thus prolonging its lifespan. The belt buckles and cam locks are constructed from PA6 nylon for enhanced fixation.

Equipped with ultra-quiet aluminum bars and a streamlined design, this car roof kayak stand minimizes wind noise during high-speed travel.

Car Roof Snowboard Rack

This universal roof ski and snowboard rack features a versatile mounting system that easily secures square or round crossbars, as well as thicker crossbars.

Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, the car roof snowboard rack is rugged, durable, and corrosion-resistant, withstanding temperatures as low as -30°C. The large button design enables effortless unlocking, even when wearing thick gloves. The key lock ensures security against theft while safeguarding your equipment.


Car roof accessories have become increasingly popular as they maximize the car’s functionality and storage capacity. Whether it’s for outdoor adventures or everyday convenience, these accessories offer a range of benefits that cater to various needs and lifestyles. EZLEE, as a professinal car roof rack & carrier manufacturer and factory, is happy to provide car roof crossbars, racks and carriers that best suits your needs. Feel free to contact us, if you intend to purchasing car roof accessories in bulk.

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