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Safe Van Loading: Essential Tips for Secure Aluminum Van Ramp Usage

Loading and unloading items using your aluminum van ramp presents potential safety challenges. While our serrated slip-resistant flooring minimizes slip risks, it’s essential to consider additional safety measures. Here’s a guide on safely transferring items to and from your van:

1.Secure Your Aluminum Van Ramp:

Ensure stability by checking that rest-on ramps rest evenly on the van floor and ground. For folding ramps, extend them fully, ensuring a flat resting position on the ground. This minimizes ramp movement, reducing the risk of falls.

2.Adhere to Safe Working Load (SWL):

Follow the SWL indicated on the ramp’s sticker. Adhering to this limit prevents damage and ensures user safety.

If you need aluminum van ramps with a higher load capacity that are challenging to find in the market, feel free to reach out to us. EZLEE specializes in customizing aluminum van ramps to meet your specific requirements, no matter the intended use. Many parameters can be tailored to your needs for a personalized solution, such as the load capacity (up to 4000kg and more), foldable or not, ramp surfaces treatments (like non-slip, with punched hole, etc), logos, and any other in your mind.

If you have van ramp customization requirements, contact us right away. We’ll provide you with the best solutions and the most competitive quote within hours.

3.Clear Loading Areas:

Keep loading areas free of traffic and pedestrians. Choose an open space to prevent accidents and disturbances during the loading and unloading process.

4.Park on Level Ground:

Park your van on level ground to maintain stability for both the vehicle and the ramp. Avoid muddy or wet surfaces to prevent unsafe conditions.

5.Evenly Distribute Loads:

Secure loads with tie-downs or straps, using a cargo net or van liner for additional protection. Ensure even distribution to prevent imbalances during transit.

6.Brakes Applied:

Before opening the van’s tailgate or doors, ensure the van is stationary, and apply the brakes. This prevents unintended movement and potential accidents during the loading process.

7.Avoid Overloading:

Never exceed the maximum legal weight limit of your van. Overloaded vehicles can become unstable, leading to accidents. Prioritize safety by adhering to weight restrictions.

Remember, taking the time to follow these guidelines ensures the safety of everyone involved and keeps your load secure during its journey.

EZLEE, as a professional aluminum van ramps manufacturer & supplier, is delighted to share information and knowledge about our aluminum ramps with you. Whether you have any questions about our products, are interested in customization, or wish to make bulk purchases, feel free to reach out to us. Over time, our aluminum ramps have received acclaim for their quality and service. Below, you can find video testimonials from our satisfied customers after collaborating with us. Click to watch! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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