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How To Choose The Righ Hitch Bike Rack – Buying Guide From Hitch Bike Rack Factory

A hitch-mounted bike rack is a contraption engineered to safely transport bicycles at the rear of a vehicle by connecting to the trailer hitch. These racks are available in assorted styles and dimensions, yet they all have the shared objective of enabling you to transport bicycles securely and with ease.

In the marketplace, you can find a wide array of hitch bike carrier racks, each boasting its distinct set of features. Selecting the appropriate product should align with your specific requirements. At EZLEE, our team is delighted to provide you with information and expertise concerning hitch bike racks. In this guide, we will bring together our knowledge of hitch bike racks to present the essential features commonly found in hitch-mounted bike racks and offer guidance on the factors to keep in mind when choosing the right one for your needs.

Key features of hitch bike racks include:

Hitch Compatibility:

Hitch bike racks are offered in different hitch sizes, such as 1.25 inches or 2 inches, and it’s essential to select a rack that matches your vehicle’s hitch size.

Most of our EZLEE hitch-mounted bike carrier racks are designed for 2-inch hitches. However, we also offer a versatile model that is compatible with both 1-inch and 2-inch hitches.


Hitch bike racks are available in various capacities, typically designed to carry 2 to 5 bicycles. Be sure to choose a rack that can accommodate the number of bikes you plan to transport. EZLEE manufactures hitch-mounted bike racks suitable for carrying 1 to 5 bikes.

If you require customized hitch bike racks for 5, 6, or more bikes, please reach out to us for personalized solutions. Generally, there is limited demand in the market for products designed to carry 5, 6, or 7 bikes, which is why these products are not displayed on our website.


Hitch bike racks offer various mounting styles. Some grip the bikes by their frames, while others fasten them by their wheels. Wheel-mount racks are typically easier to load and accommodate different bike types. 

EZLEE currently offers two types of hitch bike racks: platform hitch bike racks and hanging hitch bike racks.


When selecting a rack, prioritize features that enhance bike security, preventing theft and minimizing movement during transport. Some racks come equipped with locks to secure both the bikes and the rack to the hitch.

EZLEE specializes in manufacturing hitch bike racks with anti-theft features. Our hitch bike rack boasts two locks, each requiring keys for operation. One lock secures the bike carrier rack to the hitch, thwarting attempts to easily steal the frame from the vehicle. The other lock secures the bicycle to the hitch bike rack, discouraging unauthorized removal of the bike from the frame.


These are some of our best-selling anti-theft hitch bike racks:

To minimize sway, we offer two types of accessories.

The first choice is the iron plate stabilizer.

hitch bike rack anti-sway accessories







The second option is an anti-vibration stabilizer.

anti-vibration stabilizer for hitch bike rack




Ease of Use

Consider the ease of loading and unloading bikes onto the rack. Some racks come with features such as tilting or folding mechanisms, allowing you to access the vehicle’s trunk or tailgate without needing to remove the rack.

In practical usage, EZLEE’s hitch bike rack is exceptionally convenient and does not obstruct the trunk opening even when installed on the vehicle. The hitch bike rack can tilt, simplifying access to the trunk.

easy to use hitch bike rack 1

Stability and Durability

Make certain that the rack is robust and well-constructed to support the weight of the bikes during travel. A stable rack minimizes the risk of damage to both the bicycles and the vehicle.

All of our hitch bike racks undergo rigorous professional vibration testing and are accompanied by specialized test reports. If you require access to these test reports, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Verify if the rack is compatible with a range of bicycle types, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and various frame sizes.

Our platform-style bike racks are adaptable to accommodate bicycles with varying wheelbases.

compatible hitch bike rackcompatible hitch bike rack 1

Assembly and Installation

Some racks offer easy assembly and installation, while others may require a more complex setup. Ensure that you are comfortable with the installation process.

For instance, our ebike rack requires no tools for assembly and can be used directly after unpacking it from the box.

If you cannot find the ideal hitch bike rack, please feel free to share your requirements with us.


Hitch bike rack prices vary depending on features, capacity, load-bearing strength, materials, and brand. Factor in your budget when selecting a rack.

Reviews and Recommendations

Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow cyclists can be valuable in making an informed decision about which hitch bike rack to choose.

Remember that the hitch bike rack you choose should match your specific needs, including the number and types of bikes you intend to transport and the vehicle you own. Always ensure proper installation and secure fastening of the bikes before embarking on your journey.

EZLEE offers both customization and wholesale services for hitch bike racks. Should you have any inquiries regarding our frames or bulk frame acquisitions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we will promptly provide you with a response.

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