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How To Carry 4 Bikes Using Roof Bike Rack

Most car roof racks on the market can easily accommodate 3 bikes. However, transporting 4 bike can be quite challenging due to considerations like roof space, crossbar length, and roof load capacity. EZLEE specializes in custom car roof bike racks. If you have specific requirements, let us know, and we may be able to create the perfect 4-bike roof rack for you.

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To carry 4 bikes using a car roof bike rack, follow these steps:

1. Check Your Car’s Roof Load Capacity:

Before purchasing or installing a roof rack, ensure your car’s roof can support the combined weight of the rack and the bikes.

2. Select the Right Roof Rack System:

Choose a roof rack that is compatible with your car model. Most racks come with adjustable fittings.
Ensure the rack system can accommodate four bikes.

3. Install the Roof Rack Base:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to securely attach the base rack to your car’s roof. This usually involves clamping the rack to the roof rails or attaching it to the car’s roof via mounting points.

Universal Car Roof Cross Bar >>

4. Install Bike Mounts:

Attach the individual bike mounts to the base rack. These mounts will hold each bike upright. Follow the specific instructions for your rack system.

roof bike rack for car van suv

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5. Load the Bikes

Lift each bike onto the roof and place it in the bike mount.
Secure each bike by clamping the front fork or wheel into the mount, depending on the rack design.
Use additional straps to secure the rear wheel and frame if necessary.

car roof bars

6. Ensure Even Weight Distribution

Space the bikes evenly across the roof rack to maintain balance.
Position the bikes in alternating directions (one facing forward, the next facing backward) to prevent handlebar and pedal interference.

7. Double-Check Security

a.Ensure all clamps, straps, and locks are securely fastened.
b.Test the stability of each bike to ensure they are securely mounted.

Universal Roof Bike Rack lockIng system
Universal Roof Bike Rack lockIng system
Universal Roof Bike Rack lockIng system

8. Check Clearance

a.Be aware of the added height when driving under low bridges, entering garages, or other low-clearance areas.

9. Drive Carefully

With bikes on the roof, your vehicle’s aerodynamics and center of gravity will change. Drive more cautiously, especially in windy conditions or when taking turns.

10. Regularly Check the Rack and Bikes:

Periodically check the tightness of all mounts and straps during long trips to ensure everything remains secure.

Following these steps will help you safely and securely transport four bikes on your car’s roof.

Contact EZLEE, if you don’t find your ideal bike racks, we’ll customize it for you.

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