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How do Aluminum Ramp Manufacturers Conduct Aluminum Ramp Load Testing?

Aluminum ramp manufacturers typically conduct load testing to ensure the safety and durability of their products. The specific testing procedures may vary between manufacturers, but here are some common methods used to conduct aluminum ramp load testing. As a professional aluminum ladder manufacturer, EZLEE is pleased to share our testing procedure with you. Let’s explore aluminum ladder ramp load testing together.:

1. Weight Testing:

The manufacturer will subject the ramp to various weight loads to determine its load-bearing capacity. This can ensure it can handle the specified weight capacity.

2. Static Load Testing:

In static load testing, the manufacturer applies a predetermined load to the ramp and measures its deformation.This helps determine the ramp’s ability to withstand heavy loads over an extended period without excessive bending or sagging.

For most of our aluminum ramps, we take these two types of testing.

3. Dynamic Load Testing:

Dynamic load testing involves subjecting the ramp to dynamic forces such as impacts or vibrations. This is done to assess the ramp’s resistance to sudden loads, movement of heavy equipment or vehicles, and other dynamic conditions that may occur during actual use. The ramp may be tested by driving vehicles with known weights over it or by using specialized equipment that applies controlled impact forces.

This testing is usually used to test Heavy Duty Loading Ramps.

4. Safety Factors and Compliance: 

Manufacturers also take into account safety factors and compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.

It’s important to note that different manufacturers may have their own proprietary testing procedures based on their experience and quality control standards.

Here is a testing example of Heavy Duty Loading Ramp conducted by EZLEE – Aluminum Ramp Factory:

1. First, we use professional testing machines to do the hydraulic press test:

    • The loading weight with 700BS x 1.3 time = 910LBS                                                   

    •  Safety testing by loading testing machine

    • Hold 4 hours to see the deformation

    • After 4 hours, observe whether the ramp is damaged, deformed, or indentation, and measure the flatness of the ramp surface. When everything is normal, the test is successful.

heavy duty loading ramp testing 1heavy duty loading ramp testing 2

2. Second, We use vehicles to simulate the real world to test the ramp:

    • The loading weight with 700BS x1.2 time = 840LBS

    • Load vehicle 1.25 times, hold

    • After vehicle down load, to see if the ramp return normal. When everything is normal, the test is successful.

    • At the end of the test, our quality inspector will provide a detailed and complete inspection report. We guarantee to provide qualified and standard products to our customers.

heavy duty loading ramp testing 3

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