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Five Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Bike Rack Hitch and Trunk Options

Choosing the right bike rack can greatly enhance cycling experience, allowing you to transport  bikes conveniently and securely. Two popular options to consider are bike rack hitches and trunk mounts. However, making the decision between bike rack hitches and trunk mounts requires careful consideration. In this article, we will explore six essential factors that you should take into account when deciding between a bike rack hitch and a trunk option.

Vehicle Compatibility

The first factor to consider is whether vehicle is compatible with a bike rack hitch or a trunk mount. Bike rack hitches typically require a hitch receiver, which may need to be installed if vehicle doesn’t already have one. On the other hand, trunk mounts are more versatile and can fit a wider range of vehicles, including sedans and hatchbacks. Evaluate vehicle’s specifications and determine which option is best suited for it.

Bike Capacity

Consider how many bikes you plan to transport regularly. Bike rack hitches generally have higher weight capacities and can accommodate multiple bikes, making them ideal for families or cycling enthusiasts who frequently ride in groups. On the other hand, trunk mounts, often have lower weight limits and may be more suitable for individuals or small groups.

Ease of Installation

Ease of installation is another crucial factor to consider. Bike rack hitches usually require some initial setup involving attaching the hitch receiver to vehicle. Once installed, however, they offer quick and easy bike loading and unloading. Trunk mounts are relatively simple to install and remove, but they may require extra effort to secure the bikes properly. Consider your preference for convenience and the frequency at which you’ll be installing and removing the bike rack.


Think about how easily you want to access your vehicle while the bike rack is in use. If you choose a trunk mount, accessing the trunk or rear hatch may be more challenging, as the bikes obstruct the way. Bike rack hitches provide better accessibility since they don’t block access to the trunk. If you frequently need to load and unload items from your trunk during trips, a bike rack hitch might be the better option.


Ensuring the security of your bikes is paramount. Bike rack hitches generally offer better security features, such as locking mechanisms that secure the bikes to the rack and the rack to the vehicle. Trunk mounts may have limited or no built-in security measures, requiring additional locks or cables for bike and rack protection.

Conclusion – Hitch Bike Rack VS Trunk Bike Rack

When deciding between a bike rack hitch and a trunk mount, it’s crucial to weigh these five factors: vehicle compatibility, bike capacity, ease of installation, accessibility and security. Assessing your specific needs and preferences will help you make an informed decision that enhances your cycling adventures while ensuring the safety and convenience of transporting your bikes. Choose wisely and enjoy the freedom of taking your bikes wherever you go!

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