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Best Car/SUV/RV/Vehicle Mounted Racks & Carriers For Road Trip

Road trips are popular due to their flexibility, allowing travelers to choose routes and stops. They offer cost-effective travel, bonding experiences, and a sense of adventure with spontaneous detours. Scenic routes provide breathtaking views, while cultural exposure and photographic opportunities make road trips a personalized and appealing way to explore diverse landscapes.

During a road trip, especially a long-term trip, you may encounter various landscapes and activities. You might want to cycle, or ride a motorcycle, rest in a rooftop tent, and camp. Or you might face challenges with limited trunk space.

Vehicle Mounted Racks & Carriers allows you to be prepared for these spontaneous ideas during the journey. In this article, EZLEE, professional car racks & carriers manufacturer, will introduce you to various vehicle-mounted racks and carriers with different purposes.

Car/SUV/RV/Vehicle Mounted Racks & Carriers We Gonna Introduce:

If you want to customize these vehicle-use racks and carriers for road trips, contact EZLEE! We have the confidence and capability to turn your ideas into high-quality, real-life road trip products at an affordable price. 

Bike/Ebike Carrier Racks For Cars

A vehicle bike carrier rack is a specialized equipment designed to transport bicycles securely on a vehicle. These racks come in various types, mainly including roof-mounted, hitch-mounted, trunk-mounted and spare tire mounted options. Roof-mounted racks attach to the vehicle’s roof, hitch-mounted racks connect to the trailer hitch at the rear, and trunk-mounted racks fasten to the trunk or rear hatch.

These racks serve a crucial purpose for cyclists, offering a convenient and safe way to transport bikes to various destinations. Roof-mounted racks are ideal for those who want to free up space inside the vehicle, while hitch-mounted racks are known for their ease of use and accessibility. Trunk-mounted racks are often more affordable and adaptable to different vehicle types.

Vehicle bike carrier racks allow cycling enthusiasts take their bikes on road trips, and are particularly beneficial for individuals or families who enjoy outdoor activities and want the flexibility to bring their bicycles along without the need for disassembly.

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Car/SUV/RV/Vehicle Roof Rack (For Bike, Surfboard, And Luggage)

A car roof rack is a set of bars or supports installed on the roof of a vehicle to carry additional cargo, such as luggage, bicycles, skis, surfboards, or other outdoor gear. Roof racks are typically mounted on the roof rails or directly to the roof of the car, providing a platform for securing and transporting various items.

They come in different styles and uses, including car roof crossbars and side rails, kayak roof racks, car roof snowboard racks, and are often equipped with attachment points or channels for securing cargo with straps, bungee cords, or specialized mounts.

Car roof racks are popular for expanding a vehicle’s cargo capacity and are commonly used for outdoor activities, road trips, or transporting large or awkwardly shaped items that may not fit inside the vehicle’s interior.

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Car Roof Tent & Car Side Awning

Custom Car Roof Tent

A car roof tent, also known as a rooftop tent, is a portable tent that is mounted on the roof of a vehicle, such as a car or an SUV. It is designed to unfold and set up easily, providing a sleeping area above the ground. Car roof tents offer a convenient and elevated sleeping space that is both comfortable and secure. These tents are popular among road trippers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts who want to simplify the camping experience and avoid sleeping on the ground. They typically come with a built-in mattress and are known for their quick setup and pack-up times.

Custom Car Side Awning

A car side awning is a retractable shading device mounted on the side of a vehicle, usually on the roof or roof rack. It extends horizontally, creating a shaded area alongside the vehicle for sun or rain protection. Easy to install, it enhances comfort and versatility during outdoor activities. Typically made of durable materials, the awning can be rolled or folded into a compact form when not in use, making it a popular accessory for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. During a road trip, when encountering a breathtaking view and reluctant to leave, road trippers can open the car side awning, sit underneath, and enjoy camping or picnicking while appreciating the scenery.

Motorcycle Carrier For Car

A vehicle use motorcycle carrier rack is a device designed to transport motorcycles using automobiles. It typically consists of a tow hitch-mounted carrier that attaches to the rear of vehicles. The carrier includes a platform or cradle to secure and support the motorcycle during transport. Motorcycle carriers are useful for individuals who want to transport their motorcycles without the need for a separate trailer. They are suitable for short-distance trips, and their compact design makes them a practical solution for motorcycle enthusiasts who do not have access to a dedicated truck or trailer. These carriers are available in various designs, including hitch-mounted carriers and carriers that attach to the rear of vans or SUVs, providing a convenient and efficient way to transport motorcycles while preserving the towing capacity of the vehicle. For road trippers who want to bring their motorcycles, car motorcycle rack & carrier can be of help.

The car mounted racks and carrier mentioned above are designed to cater to various needs, but if you have specific requirements or preferences, please feel free to contact us. We offer custom services to meet your unique specifications.

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